[ Art Fair ] Material Art Fair 2017 | Mexico City

Sarah Schönfeld

February 09 — February 12, 2017

Opening Reception
Thursday, February 9th | VIP 1-3pm | Public 3-9pm

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Material Art Fair Visitor Information

Gildar Gallery is pleased to participate in the 2017 Material Art Fair with a solo booth of anti-anxiety inducing artworks by Sarah Schönfeld.  The Berlin-based artist has created a series of techno-shamanistic objects that alloy unexpected materials and processes to activate the uncanny experience of the modern oracle. Through material fusion, differing systems of approaching the unknown touch. This physical alchemy of binaries – the mystic and scientific, indigenous and industrial, logical and absurd – gives form to the inexplicable, offering a graspable moment of relief amidst so much tension.

Selected Works