The Everyday Circus

Hollis + Lana

Hollis + Lana

September 07 — October 11, 2013

Opening Reception
Saturday, September 7th / 6pm-9pm

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More than partners in art, Denver based Hollis + Lana are also partners in life. As husband and wife intimately combining their professional and personal interactions, their collaborative artwork physically mirrors this relational blurring. From back and forth layering of line and pigment to the literal push and pull of material in space, Hollis + Lana's tag team process brings to life forms that are literally out of shape. Twisted, stretched, pinched and contorted, these images and objects of indistinct subject matter serve as evidence of a series of communication tug-of-wars. However, a completely seamless and exacting style reveals that each side is regularly allowing themselves to get yanked across the dividing line into the other's territory. Seeing this harmony amidst chaos viewers often leave asking the question, where does one hand stop and the other begin? "At some point early on in our conversations "tell me what you're thinking" became "show me what you're thinking." We traded words for charcoal, pens, brushes and paint. When we create together we speak through an convergence of our combined experience. We tell each other stories visually, starting with one of us making a mark. We take turns picking up the narrative until the individual work is resolved. The iterative process of our artistic collaboration, though filled with familiar tensions that attend any act of communication, is ultimately an act of trust, one where we both rely on a shared vocabulary to give and to receive without judgment or expectation." The Everyday Circus includes paintings, drawings and sculptures that reflect Hollis + Lana's continued interest in the combination of contrasting elements: high and low culture, intuitive action and obsessive finishing, hard work and juvenile distractions to name a few. In a time when spectacle is commonplace and the circus is always in town, a sense of the mundane sets into all aspects of life. Through unexpected juxtapositions and the revelation of an authentic exchange between people, Hollis + Lana allow the eye to see anew. Employing a host of techniques and materials from charcoal and graphite to acrylic paint, air brush, and fiberglass molding, the two artists achieve an impressive illusion of the tangible despite the depicted forms remaining unidentifiable. Seemingly odd yet satisfying color pairings add to visual rediscovery - edibly sweet Candy Land hues intertwine with fleshy tones one might expect to see in an endoscopic exploration. Rather than jarring the senses with quick visual gags, Hollis + Lana reward viewers for the time they invest compelling them to take more than a moment to enjoy the show.